Install Bulk Mailer on cPanel (Shared hosting)

Bulk mailer is a Laravel based application and is designed by assuming that you have full access to the terminal to use it at it full potential.

But if you don’t, that don’t worry you can still install on your server just by following below mentioned steps, but you have to do this all on your local machine.

  1. Open terminal / Command prompt in your computer
  2. Go to the bulk mailer root folder
  3. First of all, install all the required composer packages by executing command composer install
  4. Meanwhile, open .env file on the root folder and update database variables and your application domain URL etc.
  5. Once it finished, run this command which will create tables and prepare all required stuff for your application php artisan app:prepare
  6. It’s time to upload things on your server, for that zip the root folder and upload it on your server
  7. Now, open phpMyAdmin (or whatever MySQL client you use) and export your database and import it on your host server MySQL
  8. Now, open .env file on host server and make sure you update all database and other variables
  9. If you did all right, you will be able to access bulk mailer at <>/public
  10. If you want to remove public from the URL, then you will have to follow this guide

If you follow above steps properly, then you will successfully install bulk mailer on your shared hosting server, but keep in mind you won’t be able to use this software at its full potential. As, this uses Laravel queues and background workers to send emails, but on shared hosting, you might not be able to use that due to limitations. So, you have to set QUEUE_DRIVER=sync and whenever you start sending emails you will have to keep the browser tab open until it finishes sending all the emails.

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