Bulk Mailer


Looking for some service to send emails to your clients or subscription list in bulk?

Well, Bulk mailer will help you with this, it will provides you a complete package where you can manage your subscription list and send them in bulk through your own server. 

Instead of paying on monthly or yearly basis to other vendors, just pay once and you will get most of them out of it.

Bulk Mailer is a package where you can manage your Email Campaigns, Templates, and the list all in one place and with full control.

It will also provide you full statistics of campaigns and emails.

Bulk Mailer will provide you below awesome features

  1. Dashboard Statistics
    1. # of campaigns in the queue
    2. # of campaigns in progress
    3. # of spammed templates
    4. # of emails sent
    5. # of emails left
    6. # of emails viewed
    7. # of emails not viewed yet
  2. Manage Campaigns
    1. Bulk emails CSV upload
    2. Sample emails CSV file
    3. Bulk emails delete option
  3. Manage Templates
    1. Add Template
    2. Check template spam score
    3. Assign Campaign to each template
    4. Add Sender Name and Email (Optional)
    5. Add Shortcodes to the template
    6. Template preview
    7. By default disabling Spammed template
    8. View template's each campaign Statistics
      1. total emails
      2. emails sent
      3. emails pending
      4. emails viewed
  4. Add default Sender Name and Email
  5. Adjust Min. Spam Score (Apache SpamAssassin)


Before installing Bulk Mailer, we hope you have the following setup in proper working condition

  1. Apache Server
  2. PHP 7.0 or greater (7.1 recommended)
  3. MySQL 5.7 or greater (5.7 recommended)
  4. Sendmail or Postfix (Mailing Server)
  5. Apache SpamAssassin
  6. Beanstalk & Supervisord (For managing queues, installation process is given in this document)
  7. Composer

For more details about installing this Laravel based application, follow this laravel official documentation


Quick Note: As this is a Laravel based application, you must point your domain to "public" folder in root folder of application. (i.e, /var/www/html/public).

Bulk Mailer is a Laravel based application and we try to make it super easy for you to install. Follow the below process to easily install the application.

First of all install composer and execute this command in project's root folder (i.e, in my case it is /var/www/html).

> composer install
At root folder copy .env.example file and name it as ".env".

Open this .env file in some editor and change the following required values.



QUEUE_DRIVER=beanstalkd (Other options include database, BeanstalkdAmazon SQSRedis, and sync. For more details please refer to Laravel documentation)

Note: Make sure to have working MySQL and mail server connection before moving further.
Now, run this command in command prompt (For Windows) or Terminal (Mac or Linux) to install setup
> php artisan app:prepare
If you are asked for some type of confirmation, just type "yes" and continue.
After successful installation, you will be asked for Admin account details, please provide valid details which later will be used to login to this application.


To verify if mail is working, go to project root folder and execute this command

> php artisan test:email yourtestemail@somewhere.com

If you have done above process in right way, then 

Congrats!!! You did it...


Beanstalk is a simple, fast work queue.
Its interface is generic, but was originally designed for reducing the latency of page views in high-volume web applications by running time-consuming tasks asynchronously.
While Supervisor is a process monitor for the Linux operating system, and will automatically restart your queue:work process if it fails.
By default, we have queue to use "beanstalkd" in .env file (root folder). If you want to change it to something else, it's up to you. Then, you must configure it all by yourself.
Below is full documentation using which you will successfully configure "beanstalk" based environment.


Configuring Supervisor before running bash script


Installing required services

Upon installation make sure both installed and configured successfully.


Note: As per my settings, my root folder is /var/www/html. You must go with the path where you uploaded that code. And this configuration only works if you have "QUEUE_DRIVER=beanstalkd" in your .env file. Changing it might disturb the code execution and if you need to change that, then you must configure it by yourself.

By following above installation process, you will successfully installed Bulk Mailer. But, in case of any error while installing those services please refer to their official documentation which is available at:

You may contact us at


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