Wordpress Asearch Plugin

Wordpress Asearch is a jquery and ajax based wordpress search plugin to empower your web search by providing various filters and features to make your search more user friendly and fast.
Using this your visitor will be able to search desired content fast and at the spot with attachment and Page heading with few content.
This also makes admins to customize their searches by applying filters either to show "posts, pages or products or any" in the search result or so.


Initializing plugin with jQuery


With Arguments:

var args = {
   'ajaxUrl': 'your ajax url',  //default is wordpress default ajax url
   'minSearchChar': 3,          // This would be the minimum characters required to start search. Default is 3 (set through admin)
   'template': 'template1'     // This would be the template name. Two templates are available with this pakage are named as "template1" and "template2"

Without arguments: