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Release Date May 6, 2018
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Looking for service to send emails to your clients or subscription list in bulk?

Well, Bulk mailer will help you with this, it will provides you a complete package where you can manage your subscription list and send them in bulk through your own server. 

Instead of paying on monthly or yearly basis to other vendors, you must just pay for once and you will get most of them out of it.

Bulk Mailer is a package where you can manage your Email Campaigns, Templates, and the list all in one place and with full control.

It will also provide you full statistics of campaigns and emails.

Demo Details:


Email: [email protected]

Password: 1234567


Bulk Mailer will provide you below awesome features

  1. Dashboard Statistics
    1. # of campaigns in the queue
    2. # of campaigns in progress
    3. # of spammed templates
    4. # of emails sent
    5. # of emails left
    6. # of emails viewed
    7. # of emails not viewed yet
  2. Manage Campaigns
    1. Bulk emails CSV upload
    2. Sample emails CSV file
    3. Bulk emails delete option
  3. Manage Templates
    1. Add Template
    2. Check template spam score
    3. Assign Campaign to each template
    4. Add Sender Name and Email (Optional)
    5. Add Shortcodes to the template
    6. Template preview
    7. Disable Spammed template
    8. View template's each campaign Statistics
      1. total emails
      2. emails sent
      3. emails pending
      4. emails viewed
  4. Add default Sender Name and Email
  5. Adjust Min. Spam Score (Apache SpamAssassin)


Before installing Bulk Mailer, we hope you have the following setup in proper working condition

  1. Apache Server
  2. PHP 7.1 or greater (7.1 recommended)
  3. MySQL 5.7 or greater (5.7 recommended)
  4. Sendmail or Postfix (Mailing Server)
  5. Apache SpamAssassin
  6. Beanstalk & Supervisord (For managing queues, installation process is given in this document)
  7. Composer

Initial release

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